Our works

-Child Rights advocacy.
We believe children are leaders of tomorrow and the representative of the larger society and hence, their rights: to education, to good life and interaction, to health and adequate nutrition, must be respected and protected.We stand against all forms of child abuse; physical, Emotional, Maltreatment, Neglect or Negligent treatment, Commercial exploitation, sexual abuse.
-We also believe underprivileged children should be given necessary support and should enjoy the same rights as the privileged ones.
-Girl Child Education

What Drives Us

Our aim is to promote and protect women and girls rights and create a network of productive youths.

Our activities are designed to achieve the following objectives:
- To advance child rights through advocacy, sensitization and enforcement of child act law.
- To promote girl child education
- To build young advocates of sexual reproductive health rights through training
- To help understand the peculiarity of females health, especially reproduction
- To empower women economically through acquisition of skills
- To develop youths leadership and intellectual capacities by engaging them in practical activities that exposes their minds to possibilities and patriotism
- To ensure women are treated equally and are not cheated of their rights
We en-vision a world where women, girls and youths maximally utilizes their potentials in an enabling environment free of all forms of harms.
-We operate through awareness raising, workshops and media talk sessions. This is to enlighten our target group and general populace about females’ health, equality, empowerment and dangers of harmful traditional practices e.g. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), early child marriage, child abuse etc.
-We organise conferences, workshops, symposiums and trainings for our target audience concerning relevant issues in order to increase their knowledge and bring about appropriate, effective and sustainable behavioural and social changes in altitudes. E.g. increasing the knowledge of young people about sexual and reproductive health via platforms stated above and thus increasing their ability to prevent early pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS and making informed choices about their sexuality.
-We also, organise relevant advocacy and campaign programs [e.g. advocating for girl child education], empower women economically through free skills acquisition and capacity building workshops.
-We provide psychological support and legal aids to women and girls who are victims of rape or any forms of gender based violence and ensure proper follow up of all our beneficiaries.

Our Focus


Child right advocacy

Child labour remains a major source of concern in Africa, in spite of legislative measures. 30 million of Nigeria children are victims of child labours

Girl Child Literacy

When a Child Reads, She Can Write Her Future. Being able to read and write is essential. Written words are gateways to knowledge and opportunity that are only accessible to those with the ability to decipher them.

Women and Youth Empowerment

We believe that the economic future of any community is dependent on economic capacity of its constituent youths, and people as a whole.

Why you should support us

Our organization is about giving back and raising value generational females.


Engaging More people

We want to reach more people

Solving Community

With decades of experience, our professional team have broad knowledge of community issues and needs.

Our projects

The Valf Camp

The Valf Camp is an adolescent boot camp that we host every summer. This camps makes provision for 300 adolescent from the whole of osun state (that includes heads of our girls club),we believe that with time and more resource we will be able to help increase the number.

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BOPE Project

This is one of our very sensitive project, Project BOPE is an initiative where young boys are being engaged and enlightened about equality and Gender based Violence. This boys in-turn reflect in art or any other way their support for the SDG 5 (gender equality).

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VHC (VFN Heroes Club) Project

The VFN Heroes Club is a secondary school girls club, The purpose of this club is to raise young female advocates that would carry-on and be future ambassadors of our core values,which include girl child literacy,gender parity,sexual reproductive health and rights including maternal mortality and women empowerment as they grow up or better still in Once word become 'young feminist'.

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